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What is Catastrophic Injury

What is it?


The definition of catastrophic injury is injury with proximate and direct consequences that damage and prevent an individual from performing any type of work. A catastrophic injury is very serious and in simpler terms leaves the individual with permanent damage. These type of injuries are physical harm to either the brain or spinal cord which has an impact on long term and short term functional abilities. It is important to note that no matter the type of injury, if it is serious enough to be a long term deformity, you have suffered from a catastrophic injury.

Unfortunately, catastrophic injuries can affect basic parts of everyday living such as losing a limb, ability to talk, or ability to walk. A catastrophic injury lawsuit and settlement can be pursued for any type of accident that results to even one individual. A personal injury lawyer can help you be legally compensated for the life altering and wrongful injury that has occurred to you.

Reasons why you are entitled to a catastrophic injury settlement:

  • The more serious the injury, the larger the medical expenses. You may need rehabilitation, surgery, or need payment for a medical device or medication.
  • You are entitled to compensation for lost wages that you would have obtained from missing days of work
  • You are entitled to compensation because of emotional trauma and damage you suffer

Types of Injuries

  • Spinal cord- These type of injuries effect the spinal cord, creating permanent mobility issues for survivors
  • Cognitive- These injuries mostly consist of catastrophic injuries. These injures arise from brain damage that can affect and take away people‚Äôs speech, ability to work, or form new memories
  • Physical- These injuries include burns, amputations, fractures, damage to orthopedic function and/or tissue

What happens

Catastrophic injuries can impact a survivor and their entire family due to the emotional trauma it can have. Taking care of someone who has mobility or cognitive restrictions is emotionally draining, having to quit jobs is difficult when you have to care for someone 24/7. When a spouse can quit or take a leave from a job, they need to hire a caretaker. A caretaker can be costly so it is important to make sure that the family has enough funds to pay for the appropriate care. A catastrophic injury can mean a limited future for families and the victim, which is unfair and upsetting.

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