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Is there someone in your life who is a part of the LGBTQA+ community? Probably. The best way to support someone in the LGBTQA+ community is to be a friend or an ally. A few years ago, Taylor Swift released a music video for her song “You Need to Calm Down” featuring rainbow colored cakes, gay tea parties, and other stereotypical queer images. The LGTBQA+ community was furious because she did not mention people’s actual lives but instead used the images for her own profit.

This behavior is more objectifying than comforting for the LGBTQA+ community. Pride month is about celebrating “radical queer liberation” and being yourself. It challenges old social prejudices against sexual orientation and embraces individuality.

Just like everyone knows someone who is left-handed, everyone knows someone who is a part of the LGBTQA+ community. It is important to be a friend and support the community by treating them equally. LGTBQA+ deserve to have equal opportunities and should not feel judged for their sexual preferences. Whether it is in the workplace, in social outings, or even on social media.

At KJC Law Firm, we follow a list of core values that represent who we are as a company. Each core value is a unique asset to our hard working and supportive environment. This month we are recognizing each of our KJC employees their core value.

This week we are featuring Abbie Rosen! Abbie is an attorney who has a love for helping those who find themselves in difficult situations. Abbie’s favorite core value is compassion for all. Compassion for all means compassion for others is extremely important and having that compassion leads to a better working atmosphere.

“Having compassion for everyone is important and allows you to be aware of others and can really boost your mood. When you put in the effort to be perfect, you can get things done in a timely and efficient matter.” – Abbie Rosen

At KJC Law Firm, we follow a list of core values that represent who we are as a company. Each core value is a unique asset to our hard working and supportive environment. This month we are recognizing each of our KJC employees their core value.

Our first favorite core value feature is Benjamin Duggan! Benjamin is a litigator and trial lawyer at KJC Law Firm.  He represents the underdog, insurance companies, plaintiffs up against corporations, and people who have been charged with crimes. Benjamin’s favorite core value is A+ Quality which stands for striving to produce quality work consistently. Benjamin believes that this is one of the driving factors for the firm’s success. He finds that when everyone at KJC Law Firm puts pride into their work, it shows. Benjamin loves to golf and can relate this value to the golf course because he always strives to be better!

A+ Quality is a true reflection of the quality work that we do. No one is afraid to take on complicated cases and figure out how to handle it well. We don’t back down from taking on larger firms. This value is a good reminder to always put in more effort and keep working until that is the best effort possible.” – Benjamin Duggan

KJC Law Firm prides itself on 11 core values that are sheer guidelines for employees to embrace in the workplace. This month we are recognizing our KJC employees by asking them what their favorite core value is. Below are the 11 Core Values to reference in terms of the KJC attitudes towards striving for success.


We strive to set the standard in the legal services industry for communication, responsiveness, helpfulness and compassion, remembering always to be grateful for our clients and the opportunity to serve them.

COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in the U.S. are rising. It is winter which means more people are indoors. Remember to wear a mask, stay 6 feet apart, avoid crowds, and wash your hands. The more steps you take, the better protected you are against COVID-19.

Traveling can increase your chance of spreading and getting COVID-19. Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.

Ask yourself:

Aerotoxic Syndrome is the illness caused from exposure to contaminated air in a jet aircraft. Aerotoxic Syndrome also applies to being exposed to fumes or fume events. The term was first apparent in a 1999 published paper written by Jean-Christophe Balout PhD, Dr. Harry Hoffman, and Professor Dr. Chris Winder.

How is air contaminated?

A supply of pressurized air is mandatory by all humans to sustain life at high altitudes when flying. This air is applied from the compressor section of the jet engine directly and is called ‘bleed air’. The unfiltered bleed air is mixed within the aircraft along with recirculated cabin air at a ratio of 50/50. Even though the recirculated air is already filtered, the bleed air which comes from the jet engine is unfiltered.

By KJC Law Firm

Not all birth defects can be prevented but there are ways a woman can increase her chances of having a healthy baby. Managing health conditions as well as adopting healthy behaviors before and during pregnancy are essential to having a healthy baby. Remember that it is important to take good care of yourself and not only do what is best for you but also what is best for your baby!

Take 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid every day.


This case is scheduled for argument before the United States Supreme Court during the October 2020-2021 term. It came on a writ of certiorari to the California First District Court of Appeal. Lange v. California concerns violation against the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution. The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unreasonable searched or seizures from the U.S. Government. However, it does not entirely guarantee protection against all searches and seizures. The U.S. government can search unreasonable persons under the law.

The Case


Meet Michaela Weaver!

Michaela began working as an Associate Trial Attorney at KJC Law Firm, LLC in October 2019. Her passion for helping others allows her to achieve justice in the courtroom for people who have been injured by the negligence or intentional wrongful conduct of others.  Michaela works as an associate with John Martin on employment law cases dealing with victims or marginalized groups. The employment law cases they face mostly include discrimination based on disability, gender, sexual orientation, sexual harassment at work, and medical. Michaela and John also deal with civil rights and federal law cases, whistleblower law suits that focus on unlawful practices in the workplace, brutality at work, and product’s liability.  One of Michaela’s favorite core value from KJC Law Firm is the concept of KJCTribe because it reflects the firm’s collaborative and family atmosphere.

Michaela graduated from Suffolk University Law School in 2019 with Distinction in the Trial and Appellate Advocacy Concentration. At Suffolk, Michaela dedicated her time to helping destitute criminal defendants through pro bono work with the Public Defender’s Office for Suffolk Superior Court. She also interned at Middlesex County Public Defender’s office as a 3:03 certified student attorney, where she represented indigent defendants in District Court. Additionally, Michaela interned at Keches Law Group and Kelly Law Office working with workers’ compensation cases and all types of civil litigation. Michaela was a member of Suffolk’s nationally ranked mock trial team and was a regional finalist in the National Trial Competition and Peter James Johnson National Civil Rights Trial Competition. She heard about KJC Law Firm from director Timothy Wilton and coach Benjamin Duggan at Suffolk’s mock trial team.

What is it?

The definition of catastrophic injury is injury with proximate and direct consequences that damage and prevent an individual from performing any type of work. A catastrophic injury is very serious and in simpler terms leaves the individual with permanent damage. These type of injuries are physical harm to either the brain or spinal cord which has an impact on long term and short term functional abilities. It is important to note that no matter the type of injury, if it is serious enough to be a long term deformity, you have suffered from a catastrophic injury.

Unfortunately, catastrophic injuries can affect basic parts of everyday living such as losing a limb, ability to talk, or ability to walk. A catastrophic injury lawsuit and settlement can be pursued for any type of accident that results to even one individual. A personal injury lawyer can help you be legally compensated for the life altering and wrongful injury that has occurred to you.

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